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Kinohimitsu Collagen Men 16 botsKordel's Bio Ester C 1000mg twin pack
Kinohimitsu Kiloscut 30 sachets

Kinohimitsu Kiloscut 30 sachets

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KINOHIMITSU J'pan KilosCut is a weight management formula proven by science. It is a powerful pack of ingredient with 7 international patents to promote weight loss and fitness naturally. 

[ Main ingredient ]

Prebiotics and Probiotics Prebiotics and probiotics can restore the balance of bacteria in your digestive tract. Probiotics are beneficial bacterial that can be found in various foods. When you eat probiotics, you will add these healthy bacteria to your intestinal tract. Common strains include Lactobacillis and Bifidobacterium families of bacteria.

PI2Xlim is a proprietary blend of Tea Blossom Extract, Potato Protein Extract and Oat Fibre that effectively blocks fat and carbohydrate absorption, reduces subcutaneous fat (fat surrounding internal organs). It also increases fullness. Consuming it before a meal reduce hunger significantly for at least 3 1/2 hours.

Garcinia Cambogia inhibits the conversion of carbohydrates into fat and prevents new fat formation. It also improvesd the signaling system that tells our brain - "I am full" and reduces calorie intake.

Wheat Dextrin (NUTRIOSE) is a soluble dietary fiber where it can induce prebiotics effects. It increases the proliferation of Lactobacilli(friendly bacteria) and decrease Clostridium perfringers (harmful bacteria) which provides beneficial changes in the gut ecosystem.

Green Coffee Bean is rich in chlorogenic acid that blocks fat absorption and activates fat metabolism in the liver.

1 billion CFU (colony forming unit) of Bifidobacteria longum are encapsulated which protects them against harsh stomach acid until they reach the intestines. They promote shorter bowel transit time and smooth bowel movement which greatly enhance the slimming results.

[ Powerful slimming actions ]

1.Curb cravings
2.Increase fullness
3.Reduce fat & carbohydrate absorption
4.Enhance fat metabolism
5.Reduce body weight & visceral fat
6.Reduce waist & hip
7.Increase good bacteria

[ Packing Size ]  

30 Sachets

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