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Pristin Omega 3 Fish Oil 150's Twin pack FREE 30's

Pristin Omega 3 Fish Oil 150's Twin pack FREE 30's

Price: RM399.00
You Save: RM81.00

OMATECH - Advanced Molecular Distillation

Distillation proprietary manufacturing technology to ensure 100% toxin-free. Each batch is further tested and certified to be toxin free by an independent lab.


OMATECH™ is a superior molecular distillation process to remove toxins from the fish oil at molecular level. This is the latest state-of-the-art /proprietary technology, which is relatively expensive. Only pharmaceutical companies can afford this process. That is why it cost much more to get molecularly distilled fish oil or sometimes known as pharmaceutical grade fish oil.


Double Strength

Each 1200mg of Pristin fishgel contains 660mg of highly purified concentration of EPA & DHA, up to twice the concentration of other normal fish oil.


There is a new technology that allows fish manufactures to selectively concentrate the long chain fatty acids like DHA and EPA while retaining the quality and purity of the oils. This has been pushed by new research documenting the need for higher levels of fish oils for therapeutic effects. With concentrated fish oils, you need to take fewer capsules. This means less capsules and cost. Also, no one likes to swallow more capsules than necessary


Fish Derived Gelatin

Using fish derived delatin. Suitable for Buddhists, Hindus and those who are concerned with bovine (cow) derived gelatin.


Gelatin is obtained by the hydrolysis of collagen which is the principal protein found in skin and bones. PRISTIN™ FISHGEL™ is the first to use the latest technology offish derived gelatin in Malaysia. The issue of Halal for Muslims does not arise. PRISTIN™ FISHGEL™ is also suitable for Buddhists, Hindus and those who are concerned with bovine (cow) derived gelatin.



Store below 30°C in dry place

Place of Encapsulation


Scientific Support

Reduce risk in sudden heart death by 45% (GISSI-P Circulation 2002:10.1161/01)
American Heart Association endorses fish oil supplements for the prevention of heart disease.(Scientific Statement: 19 Nov 2002)
FDA approved the claim of fish oil to reduce risk of heart disease. (FDA Commissioner Drug Administration 8 Sept 2004)


Each sofgel contains:

EPA (Eicosapentaenoic Acid) 396mg;

DHA (Docosahexaenoic Acid) 264mg'

Total Omega 3 Fatty Acids 660mg;

Vitamin E (D-Alpha Tocopherol): 3 lU


Specially packed in amber glass bottle with an outer box


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