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CellLabs PowerFruits ORAC 5000

CellLabs PowerFruits ORAC 5000

Price: RM178.00
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What is ORAC?

ORAC is an abbreviation for "Oxygen Radical Absorption Capacity",
which measures the antioxidant content of foods. Higher ORAC scores
means higher antioxidant levels.


Why do I need antioxidants?

Nowdays we are exposed to a lot of Free Radicals that are caused by
stressful lifestyles and the polluted environment. Antioxidants fight
these Free Radicals that damage cells and lead to oxidation, a process
that causes fruits like apples to turn brown and rot, metal to rust, and
our bodies to age and be diseased.

What makes CellLabs Power Fruits ORAC 5OOO
Your best antioxidant?

A special area in New Zealand is set aside for the sole purpose of
growing fruits with high ORAC units, where the environment is carefully
controlled with optimum soil conditions and surrounding temperatures
to produce nothing but the finest and high ORAC Power Fruits. That is
the source from where fruits that make up the ingredients of CellLabs
Power Fruits ORAC 5000 come from, as measured by Brunswick Labs,
the world’s foremost expert on the science of ORAC measurement.
It is proven that CellLabs Power Fruits ORAC 5000 have the required
ORAC units an average person needs. We guarantee you will get
minimum 5000 ORAC units & above.

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