What does three times a day mean?


Dear Pharmacist,

My clinic has given me antibiotics for my flu.
It says on the packet that I should take it 3 times a day.
Can you please tell me how to take it?
is it 8 hourly or morning afternoon and night?

Soo Woon


Dear Soo Woon,

If it is an antibiotic, the timing is very important,
hence you should take it exactly 8 hours apart.
However not all medicine has to be taken this way.

For instance, If the doctor says you can take panadol 3 times a days,
you should take it approximately 8 hours apart.
 but if you take it a bit later, say 10 hours apart, it's still ok.

Some medicine, like diabetic medication,
should be taken according to meal times.
It should be timed to your breakfast, lunch and dinner,
and not exactly 8 hours apart.

Hope this helps you understand the timing of medication better.
Whenever in doubt, please reconfirm with your pharmacist.
 I'm sure he will be happy to answer you :)

Kel Kel

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