Fish Oils Review

Fish Oils! Which one is for me?

Almost every pharmacy in Malaysia will have at least one type of fish oil supplement that is claimed to be beneficial to our heart health. But which one is REALLY the one for you?


Before we look at the various fish oils available, we need to know the basic facts about fish oil.


Like the "active ingredients" of most medication, the things we look for in fish oil are the EPA+DHA content. Most fish oil will contain 1-1.2g of total fish oil, but the content of EPA+DHA vary GREATLY.

The New York Heart Association recommends around 1g of EPA+DHA for people with heart disease,   and 2-4g of EPA+DHA for people with high triglyseride (a kind of cholesterol) level. Bear in mind that they only take into account EPA+DHA, and NOT the total weight of the fish oil.


There are a few big fish oil studies, like the GISSI-P trial (n >5000), which uses 0.9g of EPA+DHA in the treatment group. The trial saw a 13.7% risk reduction in all cause death, and 11.6% reduction in heart related death in the group treated with fish oil.


Therefore, we can conclude that approximately 1g of EPA+DHA per day is good enough to reduce our cardiovascular risk.




Biolife salmon oil

Salmon oil has long been touted as a better oil, because of salmon's high price in the market. The mere thought of salmon conjours up images of succulent fresh sashimi style cutlets.

Salmon IS rich in fish oil, but in it's natural triglyceride form, it can only provide 180mg of EPA and 120mg of DHA (total 300mg). This is what we typically consider as low strength fish oil. To achieve 1g of EPA+DHA/day, one will have to take at least 3 capsules/day. To reduce cholesterol (triglycerides), one will have to take 6-9 capsules per day!!

Imagine that!




Blackmores Omega Cardiwell

This is the newer generation of fish oil offered by Blackmores. A thousand times better than it's predecessor (the super cheap fish oil), Omega Cardiwell offers 420mg of EPA, and 210mg of DHA (total 630mg).

Not only is is higher in strength, it's ODOURLESS as well! Blackmores hasn't disclosed it's technology used to deodorise the fish oil, but I'm guessing it's something like the SEEDS technology used by Eurobio.



Eurobio Natural Omega Plus


The Eurobio Natural Omega Plus fish oil is something of an odd ball. It can be considered as a typical high dose fish oil, but it has an added kick --- Vitamin D

We all know the benefits of vitamin D, especially in bone density, but...what about in Fish oil?

Well, apparently it's an attempt to capture both the fish oil market AND the cod liver oil market. This is because vitamin D DOES help in increasing our body's resistance to infection. However, without it's important partner Vitamin A, we're not sure how this Fish Oil compares to your regular Cod liver oil.

Megalive Omega 600/300


As it's name implies, this Fish Oil from New Zealand offers 600mg of EPA and 300mg of DHA in on capsule (total 900mg). This is the highest strength fish oil available in the market right now (Cardiplex below has the same strength).

A truly "once a day" fish oil, you only need one capsule to achieve the recommended dose by the New York Heart Association. On top of the high dose, you also get enteric coating in this product, which prevents fishy odour when you burp. It also prevents destruction of fish oil in our stomach Acid.


Pristin is the big brother of the fish oil word in Malaysia. Being the number for several years in a row must have it's reasons.

For one thing, it was amongst the first to offer high doses of EPA (393mg) and molecular distillation. The source of fish is stated, and it's encapsulated in Sweden!

However, I find the fact that they use fish gel instead of gelatin for their capsules a bit disturbing. This product is already a high dose fish oil, with no enteric coating, and no odourless technology. Wouldn't using fish gel to coat it make the fishy odour worse?


UPDATE: Pristin is now proudly MADE IN MALAYSIA. Are we going to expect a price drop anytime soon? :)



Almost identical to the Megalive Omega 600/300, Cardiplex was in fact the 1st in the industry to offer such a high dose.

The only difference between these two TOP products is the price. Cardiplex is slightly higher priced per capsule than Megalive Omega 600/300. If you are someone who values originality more than price, you can seriously consider Cardiplex.

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